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       TITANIUM EXTRA ELASTIC                                SUPERB CARBON
                                 The racket provides more                             Li-Ning new generation car-
                                 elastic power by the elastic                         bon graphite material tech-
                                 resilience of Titanium to                            nology, with higher strength
                                 enhance torsion resistance                           and better elasticity, provides
                                 and to absorb shake for the of                       great power for smashing.
                                 fast striking.

       3D BRAID POWERTEC                                     HI TENSILE SLIM SHAFT
                                 The fiber formed a regular                           Li-Ning made the design of
                                 arranged crisscross network                          7.0mm diameter slim shaft
                                 in a 3D space by the unique                          with unique elastic material
                                 knitting technology. This en-                        and craftwork, which effec-
                                 sured the tensile strength of                        tively balances the rebound
                                 fiber and improved the shear                         and anti-torsion performance,
                                 strength of cross section.                           accurately transmits power and
                                 With this technology, the                            reflects the player‘s intention.
                                 racket can achieve lightness
                                 and durability by using less

       HDF SHOCK ABSORPTION                                  CF COMPRESSED FRAME
                                 The racket was filled with                           The frame is compressed with
                                 high-tech light shock-ab-                            the unique groove to improve
                                 sorption materials to reduce                         torsion resistance, reduce the
                                 shock. The striking power will                       deformation of the frame and
                                 be transmitted more smooth-                          make the strikes more stable.
                                 ly and released thoroughly,
                                 which effectively reduce sport

       STABILIZED ELASTIC SHAFT                              BOX TYPE FRAME
                                 Aramid fiber is a kind of ma-                        Unique box-shape frame,
                                 terial with high strength, high                      more stabilized structure,
                                 modulus, good elasticity and                         improve stability and attack
                                 toughness. It is main material                       accurately.
                                 of body armor and helmet.
                                 The slim shaft was filled with
                                 aramid fiber, which effec-
                                 tively reduces the amplitude
                                 and avoid sports injury.

       TB NANO                                               WAVED FRAME
                                 The nanometer technology                             We used waved frame to re-
                                 combines the carbon fiber                            duce the friction between
                                 and resin more closely, which                        racket and string. This can
                                 provides better elasticity,                          extend the service life of
                                 stability and durability, and                        strings and improve flexibility
                                 brings you a more powerful                           naturally.

       ULTRA CARBON                                          FRTP TECH
                                 The racket made of ultra                             By changing the shaft folding
                                 strong material has high-                            area, upwarding the racket
                                 er strength and rigidity. It                         bending point,quickening the
                                 avoids frame deformation and                         rebound speed, the rackets
                                 twisting, provides you a more                        could return to position
                                 stable and accurate attack                           quickly and ready for the
                                 point.                                               continuous attack.

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