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       BIO INNER CONE                                        MPCF REINFORCING TECH
                                 Different from those                                 Multi-layer carbon fibers plus
                                 traditional shafts, Li-Ning                          exquisite handcraft to
                                 has originally introduced the                        strengthen the racket, avoid
                                 cone-shaped racket shaft                             wrinkles caused by machine
                                 with patent. By moving up the                        processing, improve intensity
                                 bending point of the shaft,                          and durability, and extend
                                 we can increase flexibility                          service life.
                                 and enhance controlling, and
                                 accurately reflect the player’s

       INNER WAVE FRAME                                      SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT
                                 Unique Inner Wave Frame,                             Li-Ning Unique Super Light-
                                 reduces air resistance and                           weight techonology could
                                 enlarged the sweet spot. The                         reduces air resistance and en-
                                 unique structure makes the                           hances swing speed. „Fast as
                                 pressure more equal and                              wind, light as feather“, your
                                 improves the strength of the                         swing will be more sensitive
                                 frame.                                               and flexible.

       SLIM RACKET                                           WING STABILIZER
                                 The slim frame has less                              Introducing aviation tech-
                                 height and width compared                            nology to control the frame
                                 with the normal frame, it                            restoration precisely and
                                 reduces air resistance                               restrain shake resulting from
                                 enlarges sweet spot and                              vibration waves. Li-Ning Wing
                                 improves the dexterity under                         Stabilize System could im-
                                 the premise of racket                                prove the anti-torsion perfor-
                                 strength.                                            mance and bring a quick, ex-
                                                                                      act and stable second stroke.

       UHB SHAFT                                             STABILIZED TORSION ANGLE
                                 Combining cutting-edge                               Stabilized Torsion Angle
                                 scientific and technological                         could improve the torsion
                                 achievements with the                                resistance performance of
                                 measured data of players, the                        the racket, the frame will be
                                 ergonomic principle is used                          stabilized quickly even hitting
                                 to continuously adjust the                           point departed from sweet-
                                 performance of the shaft to                          point. It helps to create
                                 improve its bending point and                        high-quality strike, make the
                                 smash performance.                                   attack more effectively.

       CUBIC LOCKING                                         DYNAMIC OPTIMUM FRAME
                                 Cubic grommet locked within                          The sweet point extends up-
                                 the slim groove is more stable                       ward and the hitting point is
                                 and could provide extra                              moved higher. The effective
                                 protection for string, effec-                        defense area is enlarged for
                                 tively absorb shock to get an                        severe smash by dynamic-
                                 accurate placement, improve                          optimum frame. The hitting
                                 controlling performance.                             velocity is improved conside-
                                                                                      rably with widened stringing
                                                                                      area and increased bounce

       H-SHAPED TECH                                         HIGH CARBON
                                 Reinforcing design and H-                            By using high carbon fiber to
                                 shaped design are used at                            achieve lightweight and easy
                                 the racket frame alternately                         control.
                                 to step up the intensity and
                                 torque ability of racket, in-
                                 crease the striking power and

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